Helping Hands – Part 2

Author Ali Raja

One day, Sarah was sick and she went to the doctor with Miryam. Since
her Dutch was not very good she asked me to come and translate for her. Fortunately it was not complicated, however, when we were there, I took the opportunity of speaking with the doctor about her infertility. Both Sarah and Miryam were angry with me because in their culture, an outsider should not talk about such things.

I then discovered that, it had been because of social stigma that they had never gone to the doctor to find out what was the reason behind the fertility problem. Then I became angry with them. Long story short. In the end, they listened to me and started to consult specialists to investigate the issue and deal with their concerns. It turned out that Miryam was indeed quite fertile! And Sahra had only a very small problem that would be relatively simple to resolve.

When the doctor told them that each was quite able to have children, they both cried. When I accompanied them home, they were both happy and crying at the same time. We spent all day and all night talking. It was late and they told me not to go home so late in the dark so that night I slept in the guest room.

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