Helping Hands – Part 4 (The end)

Author Ali Raja

This was all getting a bit weird for me. During the day, Miryam and Sarah always acted normally. They only kissed me on the cheek but never spoke about what was going on during the night, regardless of the strange sexual schedule that was going on between the three of us. For my part, I could find no logic during those days.

I really needed some advice so I talked to a good friend. At first, she was shocked, then, after thinking about it for a while, it turned out that she was even more shocked! She advised me that they were both choosing to sleep with me during their ovulation time… that it appeared that they both wanted to get pregnant!

Naturally I got a little upset, went to their house and confronted them. They both confessed. I felt betrayed and used (although used in a good way). I told them that if they wanted kids, they just had to ask. They told me that they thought that if they had been honest with me I would have said no. They knew that I loved them both and that I wouldn’t be able to choose one over the other so they had decided not to give me the choice.

It took me a few days to calm down and accept the situation. I went home and apologized for yelling and they each apologized for having mislead me in such a way

Both women did not have their next menstruation! We went to the doctor and learned that indeed, they were each pregnant. It was a shock, however I asked both of them to marry me. They said yes.

We went the same evening to visit my parents. We lied a little. I told them that I seduced them and made them pregnant. My parents were crazy. Dad even slapped me, then took me in his arms… and slapped me again. I told them that I wanted to marry both women. My father laughed and told me that, living with 2 women I would not rest until I died, (he was right).

In the Netherlands, polygamy is illegal. So, we only had Islamic marriage ceremonies performed. I moved into their home. According to the law, they are both single mothers and because of this status they enjoy a few more benefits. At first, it was a struggle – financially and emotionally for all of us but we succeeded.

This all happened nine years ago. Now we have 7 children. Miryam has four and Sarah three. A few years ago, I bought the house. We also own one van and a regular car. Both Miryam and Sarah now have their driving licenses. I already had mine. My women and I sleep in a big bed. We had a loft / attic and now we have made two rooms and a bathroom with toilet.

Financially, it’s good. My women are both working. I have a well-paid job that I like. My parents love to babysit (for free). We have a shared account that we use for everything – gas, water, electricity, food, etc. We can easily save money now and if one of us loses their job, we do not have to worry.

Sometimes people ask me when, or if we will move to a larger house or two houses. We now have a house with six rooms. Five of them are for the children. It’s not a problem that brothers and sisters share a room. And all my children were conceived in this house (or in the garden!). We will never move. And when I look back and think about the mistake I made in sleeping with them, I do not regret it. This is the best ‘mistake’ I ever made and it is one that was repeated with both women many other nights. The result suits me perfectly.

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