Helping Hands – part 3

Author Ali Raja

That night I heard them chatting together for a while. Later, Miryam came to my room, closed the door behind her, undressed in the bed next to me and told me that she wanted to make love. I will not lie. I was young and Miryam was, and still is beautiful. I did not protest or hesitate at all and I slept with her. Without any protection. The next day, I regretted it, because I felt that, in a moment of weakness I was using her and that she was my friend, but she smiled warmly at me and told me not to worry. She was waiting in bed for the evening.

In the morning, Sarah did not say anything about Miryam and me and the night before, but she could see that I had a big smile.

A week later, Miryam told me that I had to sleep in the spare room. I did not know why she wanted this and I was afraid to ask. I was now confused about the kind of relationship we had or if we actually had a relationship.

That night Sarah came to the spare room, and into my bed telling me that now it was going to be her time. I did not understand what she meant. I only understood that she wanted to sleep with me. I hesitated because I felt this was not normal and she told me not to worry because Miryam was already aware of the situation. That was enough for me… I was young and excited and a pretty girl was lying in my bed, so I slept with her. Things went on like this for a few days.

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