The Will

Auteur original : Jeff Edwards
Traduction : Cécile Logé

Our mother died a few years ago, and she left everything to me, my younger brother and our elder sister. It was obviously not in the millions, but between the house, the savings, the retirement accounts and other property, it still represented a sizeable amount of money.

As the executor, my brother had a direct overview of financial data related to the inheritance and he immediately offered me a plan to hide from our sister the true magnitude of the jackpot. I said yes right away!

My brother and I both have a great career and strong retirement plans. Our sister has always worked hard and paid attention to her money, but life has put her on the back burner: for reasons beyond her control, she had no realistic plan for her retirement. And, since she’s almost ten years older than us, we also knew she could not keep working hard like that forever.

Hence the diabolical plan of my brother …

Instead of dividing the estate into three equal parts, my brother and I each took a few thousand dollars and gave the remaining 95% to our sister. We played the game and made her believe that the legacy was bigger than we thought. As a result, she still thinks she has received a share equal to ours, a third.

It was not a fortune, but it was enough to allow her to retire and provide her with a small cushion against potential emergencies. My only regret is that I did not get the idea first.

Our sister is amazing. Our father died when we were children, and she was a little girl who brought us up. She is one of the kindest and most supportive people I know. She deserves a bit of rest and tranquility after a lifetime of hard work.

We clearly did not follow our mother’s intentions. In fact, it suits me. And if Mom could see us now, I think she would be fine with it too.

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