An Angel

Morally strong, good /kindhearted, outgoing / sociable, he helps friends and family as much as he can.

When he was 8 years old, he always went to the aid of a young girl who was constantly harassed by a group of six obnoxious boys. repeatedly protected a young girl in conflict with six revenge-ridden boys.

At the age of 10, all on his own, he made the two-hour bus journey to the other side of the city just to spend time with his grandparents. He did this on more than one occasion.
At the age of 10 he was crossing the city (alone) by bus (2 hours’ drive) to visit the grandparents. Not just once but several times.

At age 13, he made a two-hour bus trip to help his 12-year-old cousin who was having difficulty managing the little rascal who was under/in her care at the time. ….he was taking helped his 12-year-old cousin in trouble with the little knave she has in her care by taking a 2-hour bus ride.

At 17, he brought/ helped bring a friend out of a deep depression.

At 25, he lended / lent me $ 1,000 that I always / still have to pay back.

He regularly drives 7 hours to visit family and friends.

He accompanied and took care of his father during his last years of life. He took care of his father during the last years of his life, always accompanying him everywhere he needed to go.

He takes care of his mother, whose health has been bad for the past 10 years.

He is helping a couple of friends with their divorce.

He is loyal to family and friends.

Do you have an angel in your life?

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