The Whole School

The school was for me a haven of peace, of love and it gave meaning to my life. After a year of hospital without school, I returned to class in third year just as if nothing at all had happened. I worked hard to reach the other student’s level.

In high school, I went unnoticed. I did not speak during the class but I did my work religiously and I passed exams with high marks. If I did not speak it was simply because I was too shy to make friends.

One day, a teacher invited me to participate in a personal growth group. I found there an environment favourable to undertake my challenge.

The personal growth group gave birth to the ‘group of four’. For the next two years, we four were together in everything we did. Later, the administration provided us -the group of four, with a room to decorate so it could become a safe place for students.

Our English teacher took his own vehicle and invited five or six students, among which I was one, to come to his home in St-Marc sur Richelieu to take a boat tour and explore the local islands.

Our French teacher invested her evenings and weekends in helping students put on plays. We were able to perform these plays on a full stage with sets and costumes… the whole experience felt just like sparkling, shiny magic!

Our English teacher bought tickets for the class to attend the first Expo match of the season. The school was very close to the stadium so we went on foot.

The school administration also organized a two-week Valentine’s Day event. There were love letters, a post office, and postmen, love letters. We were encouraged to create links to share the successful event… the school had become just like a little village.

Snow classes were activities in which the lucky ones could participate. I can’t really explain why but every single year I found myself able to join in with these classes.

The generosity of the teaching staff and administration was remarkable. With their love they moved mountains, leaving a hugely positive and lasting mark in many lives.

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