Luck or Merit

Happiness runs smoothly through my life. The material comforts, the friends, the pleasure from work. Day by day, bit by bit, even my dreams are becoming more solid. I do hope to earn a better income; But everything I need, I already have.

How to honor the benefits that life offers me? Do I deserve what is good or is it randomly presented?

I am convinced that if I look for them I will definitely find difficulties, challenges, and reasons to cry.

I married the wrong person. Separated for almost fourteen years, I’m still alone in my bed. I have seen my daughter far too little over the last five years. Since I am alone, my monthly income is not enough to pay for everything I need and I am constantly anxious. I am overweight and have an amputated leg which makes walking difficult after only three minutes. I have an ear that tends to clog so I don’t hear clearly and one of my legs gets repetitive small electrical shocks and cramps which keep me from sleeping well.

Is there a quota of misfortune and another for happiness? Is it all about perception? We all have difficulties in our lives. Is there a scale with which to measure happiness? Is hope just like a drug from which we come down badly? Are happiness and misfortune illusions?

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