Role Play

Author Brigitte Gauthier

Inspiré d’une histoire de Matt Buettner

One of my cousins is the owner and president of a successful company. A few years after the divorce from his first wife he started to look for a possible new mate. Tired of being considered mostly for his money, he modified his strategy. Instead of introducing himself as the owner of company ABC, he began saying simply that he had a position of responsibility within the company ABC.

Eventually, he met a woman who worked as a nurse, fell in love with her and she with him. He had an average house in an average neighborhood and invited her to come to live with him. So they began living together, became engaged, and eventually they married and were happy… until one day.

One day, for her husband, she brought a lunch to his office. Upon providing her husband’s name, the wife was a little taken aback by what seemed an odd reaction, on the part of the receptionist. However, the receptionist led the wife to the husband’s office.

Her eyes grew wide as she read the title engraved on the highly polished brass door plaque. It said, “President”. Immediately, she burst into uncontrollable laughter. My cousin, having heard the familiar ring of his wife’s laughter from inside his office quickly appeared at the door. He wore an anxious expression, clearly worried that the lie to his wife had now been exposed. Gathering her emotions and smiling warmly up at her husband she explained: “I’m not a nurse. I’m a a doctor. Actually, I’m head of the the neurology department. I wanted to be chosen for myself and not for my wealth. Now I know that you wanted the same.

They sold the house they were living in. Bought a better one… on a beach. They also bought themselves newer and nicer cars.

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