Weather in Quebec

Spring is courting us. It takes out its hot rays of sun, melting not only snow but the thick layer of ice still covering the ground. The cold wind reminds us that we are in Quebec it is early days yet while the sight of bare asphalt finds us dreaming about summer … not for long. A storm is coming.

Those who do not like winter take it badly. Others who love snow see Spring as a last farewell (until next November). For my part, I will not miss this storm. I’ll be facing it by boldly standing, looking right up at the sky, mouth open hoping to catch some of these cool, soft, white mini parachutes filled with water.

The snow is beautiful. Like billions of tiny, glittering jewels, it quietly takes the front of stage when the sun goes down. Soft, wet and sticky, it makes kids laugh and always keeps them busy having fun.

Of course, it is irritating to motorists and pedestrians and folk waiting at a bus stop… and I genuinely sympathize. I have also been splashed …from head to toe, by a heavy vehicle. I too drove a car that skidded because of the snow. I too was involved in a car accident in a snow storm. Actually, these things could even happen again.

Until then, I prefer to take it all as it comes and look on the bright side.

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