The Body Guard

I knew a woman, her name was Anh. Five feet tall, skinny and very pretty.

One evening, a guy tried to pick her up. He wasn’t drunk, but he was persistent. I was at the bar with five friends. After several attempts to get her attention, Anh putting him off politely at first, then a little more forcefully, our group engaged her in our conversation so he gave up… or at least that is what we thought.

We left the bar, Anh leaving with us. He approached her one more time outside the bar. She pushed his hand off her arm and told him to stop. Probably because she is Asian, he replied “What are you gonna do, karate on me?” and he reached for her again. She smiled and punched him in the middle of his chest. As he lay on the ground holding his chest, she said, “I don’t know karate!” and simply walked away.

What the moron did not know was that Anh was into bodybuilding and boxing. I had seen her in her gym gear and she is in phenomenal shape! She may have been small, but she was all muscle.

This guy actually called the cops, but there being ten or so witnesses — and not just from our group — the cops just called an ambulance for him; they didn’t even take statements. We learned later that the guy had a couple of broken ribs and a cracked breast bone.

Anh still came to the bar every now and then and we became friends. She was given a nick name: the body guard! Every time she was in the bar and someone was acting badly, the real body guard would go get her and she would be the one to kick out the disturbing character.

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