The Truth

My roommate meditated and received the answers to the questions he asked. How to love your job when there is a lot of frustration … How to help your friend without being too “sticky”. The answers came. I believe that it is the meditative or contemplative state that has opened the door to the truth.

I am blessed by waking up before the alarm, I stay in bed with my eyes closed and let my mind wander slowly. All of a sudden, I have an idea that is very important and I have to get up and write so I do not forget anything.

Is it possible to glimpse solutions, to guess truths, to say the right words, to comfort someone, to answer questions. Do the answers to our questions exist? Can we find the Source and draw on it?

If the meditative state opens the door of truth, it’s worth a few minutes a day … That investment suits me just fine.

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