Starting Again

Author Brigitte Gauthier

When my husband and I split, I moved into an apartment not far from the family home. The first night I borrowed a blown mattress and some towels and blankets. It was February 2006.

So glad to have my own space, I took Amia to show her our new place. She was 4 years old. I saw that the refrigerator was not cold so I turned the knob to have it work harder. I took a room for Amia and installed the towels and blankets in the middle, it’s more festive. Then, I installed the air mattress in my room.

The next day, I bought some food. As I was storing it in the refrigerator, it was clear that it was not working. As it was in February, I opened the window and put the food outside

In my room there was some cold coming from the window, though they were closed. I thought it was normal. A few days later, the cold was still present and I inspected the window a little more carefully. Where there were supposed to be four panes, there were only three. The fourth pane was broken.

Time passed, I received money and I bought a bed for Amia and me. All the amenities arrived slowly, one after the other in the months that followed. The apartment is well furnished, there are curtains, a refrigerator that works well, a very comfortable leather sofa, a TV… Like most people, I have more things than I need.

Arriving in an apartment without having anything can be frightening: no lamp to light after 5 pm (it was February), no dishes, no working refrigerator, no chairs… not even a table to eat at. The ‘lack of comfort’ was a minor inconvenience compared to the heart-lifting sense of peace and harmony…

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