Two Lives

As a child, I was active. I liked doing acrobatics, I loved to dance and climb. The back of the stairs allowed me to climb upside down while my legs held me. I would go from one end of the house to the other simply to take a good run and jump to make a double cabriole.

At the age of 7, I measured myself against a truck on the move. There was a lot of traffic, but I had to cross the street because there was danger approaching from behind. The truck got the upper hand. I took the underside.

The next year was the most boring of my life. No visits, no outings, no school, no playing, and the other ill people were too weak to even be children.

There was a library. I read the entire collection of the Comtesse de Segur.

With my crutches. I went up and down stairs 2 steps at a time. I raced (all alone) in the corridor. The crutches were my feet, they danced and ran with me.

Nearly a year later and with a damaged foot, I resumed my life as a child. At home, I was neither more nor less than myself and no leeway was granted to me because of my status … what status ???

Time passed, I walked with my backpack for three months in Europe, I danced, I climbed Mount St Gregoire, I went downhill and cross-country skiing. I skated on the ice and on rollers.  I played badminton and volleyball. I did EVERYTHING and especially anything until, in my twenties, I decided to slow down when it hurt. The slowdown took place and I was rather idle in 2005.

After trying all medical solutions without success, a doctor finally revealed that amputation would be more the most functional option for me. I dared to face the concept that whispered at me fora hundred moons… I did the math. The first half of my life was already behind me.

After trying all medical solutions without success, a doctor finally revealed that amputation would be more functional for me, I dared to face the idea that played in my mind for years. Do the math, the first half of my life was behind me.

The idea became firmly anchored; I was feverish at the idea of ​​a change. It could not be much worse anyway. Idea became reality. All that was left was to sew me up and say goodbye.

Only 10 days after the operation, I was standing up. On one foot but standing and ready to conquer the world. Something was missing from the equation though. I searched without finding. Then clarity. The pain was gone. The pain and the anxiety of feeling it with every step was finished.

All the memories of difficulties encountered since the accident resurfaced. All at the same time – the chaos.

Rehabilitation directed my energies towards my second life, a life where pain is no longer a factor. A life that no longer organized around my disability. A free life where everything is possible.

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