Vanilla and Sugar

Life is precious. Even if you are sick or extremely debilitated, it is still worth preserving. Life is sometimes precarious; it can be lost in an accident, a disease or a violent act. It is short. Very short.

When you are healthy, life is a game.  We can enjoy getting involved in projects, big or small. We can take care of those who are dear to us. We can have fun and work.

We can do all kinds of things that make us forget that life is temporary. The game is risky. Forgetting that life has an end increases the risk of wasting our time.

Enjoying life is like enjoying a good meal. Take the time. Taste each step. Bitter times are difficult, but they are joyful stepping stones towards savoring the rest. A few deaths around me have taught me that death is part of life. It’s always a shock when death takes away a loved one. Death is so definitive. I do not want to forget it because it makes me remember what I want to do with my life.

Sickness, failure and injustice are bitter periods, though bitterness makes everything that comes after it sweeter.

Actually… my life smells like sugar and vanilla nowadays.

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