So kind

Author Brigitte Gauthier

Due to phlebitis, my leg was swollen, and I could not wear the tibial prosthesis that normally allowed me to walk. I had to use crutches to walk; to carry anything, for cooking, washing the dishes and doing the laundry, to get up and down the stairs, and especially to get to the car on treacherously icy winter roads.

For five (5) months in 2008, I was completely alone to do all of this, and without work, I was poor and felt quite depressed. This year? The ten (10) days I was on crutches was a blessed time. I had people around me who were proactively helping. Without having to ask, I was provided with prepared meals, glasses of juice, water, and coffee. I was helped going up and down the stairs. My house chores were done for me. My friend even drove me to the hospital and waited with me for many long hours. So very kind…thank you.

Man standing up with crutches. On top of having a cast, he wears bandages on his nose and head. He looks defeated.

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